Interview: Kerenina Dansholm

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Kerenina is a Danish former student at Noragric. She enrolled in the bachelors programme of International Environment and Development Studies in 2011 and completed it in 2013. Her interests consist of many topics including cultural diversity, people from different cultures, global issues and literature. In her spare time she enjoys reading, writing, sewing and cutting hair among other things.

Why did you choose this program?

The bachelors was both the only interesting one in English in Norway and very relevant to my prior experience.

How do you rate your time spent at Noragric?

I very much enjoyed my time at Noragric. Due growing up and spending most of my life abroad, I felt at home at Noragric both with the well-travelled professors as well as my international classmates. While the programme may not have been as integrated as it is now, I very much enjoyed having courses from a wide array of disciplines, enabling me to, in essence, learn the basic ‘language’ of various academic disciplines.

What were your favourite subjects?

I very much enjoyed social anthropology with Bill Derman as well as the sociology course. The lecturers I had in my economics courses (Arild Vatn and Arild Angelsen) were also very engaging.

What did you proceed to do following your graduation at Noragric?

After my BsC/MsC (which was in Development Management from UiA), I had some contract work with various NGOs, abroad and in Norway. I am currently working on my PhD on inclusive citizenship at UiS.

Do you have any study/career-tips or recommendations for current and/or potential students?

While the bachelors itself was very enjoyable, finding a job within development and environment can be extremely challenging. Organisations usually prioritise applicants with a specialisation, and especially experience. Therefore getting a specialisation and an internship in an organisation is likely to boost your career opportunities.

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