Student interview: Kiana D’Aubyn


Kiana is an American student that recently finished the bachelors programme in International Environment and Development Studies at Noragric. As well as being an active member of Globalis, she enjoys playing instruments, croquet, engaging in the fashion revolution, real estate and traveling the world.

Why did you choose to study at Noragric?

I chose to study at Noragric for multiple reasons. When I graduated from highschool, all I wanted to do was study abroad and travel the world. However, the price to attend university in the US was too much. So, I decided to search for free programs in other countries. I applied to multiple different universities across Europe and chose the Norwegian University of Life Sciences. I have always been interested in sustainability and social justice issues. When I read about this program, I knew that I wanted to attend.


How do you rate your time spent at Noragric?

I have thoroughly enjoyed studying at Noragric for a plethora of reasons. One being the international community. I have met people from all over the world with new perspectives and experiences that I have never been exposed to. I had the most amazing and eye opening conversations with so many genuine people. Another thing I loved about studying at NMBU was the student life. I participated in as many clubs as humanly possible. I took on leadership roles and supporting roles in different organizations. I learned what it means to be part of an organization and the work it takes to instigate real change in your community. The work I participated in challenged me and forced me to work hard for what I believe in. We used information we learned in our studies and applied it to the work we were doing in our clubs. This unique connection between our studies and organization work was remarkable! 


What were your favourite subjects?

My favorite subjects included the ecology, gender and development, and a course that was not required for the program, Peacebuilding in Fragile and Conflict Affected States: Case Studies of Afghanistan. 


What are your plans for the future?

After completing my bachelor’s program, I have decided to get my Master’s degree at Arizona School for the Arts. I decided to go back to the United States because I want to apply my knowledge from NMBU to my home. I have also decided to get my real estate license and eventually become a developer of sustainable buildings. 


Do you have any study/career-tips for current and/or potential students?

I would tell incoming and current students to make as many connections as possible. I would tell them to have relationships with teachers and other students in all programs at NMBU. Especially for international students, I would tell them to immerse themselves in the Norwegian culture and join different organizations. I would also tell them to not stress about their future careers and focus on creating opportunities for the future. As students, we will learn so much information in a short amount of time. We should not limit ourselves to a certain path before we know what possible paths exist. They need to have fun!

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